We need your support!

Already in 2017, we have seen 32% growth in adult programming enrollment. We need your help to meet the demand for quality craft instruction. Please consider supporting the Shelburne Craft School by making a generous gift today.

During the past year, we served more than 2500 people and increased the number of people who were able to take a class or workshop by 28 percent. We have schooled 100 woodworkers, taught pottery to more than 120 adults, and provided after-school and field trip opportunities to 650 youth.

And now we are building upon the past year’s successes by creating new collaborations, applying for sustainable grants, and building up our scholarship and finical aid funds so that students of all ages and backgrounds can participate in our programs and be part of our community.

The arts and crafts landscape is ever-changing, and together, we will ensure that the Craft School has the resources needed to meet the needs of our students and our partners. We will be here for the makers who need a professional space to do their craft and for those who want to try a new artistic outlet or who need a place of respite from the day-to-day. We are here for the local schools that utilize our facilities to enrich their arts and crafts experiences for their students at a time when public school art funding is at risk of being cut. We are here for all people wanting to explore, express, and enrich their experiences.

Together we can deliver opportunities for more people to find joy through making craft by hand, provide quality instruction and facilities, and serve all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

Thank you,
Sage Tucker Ketcham
Executive Director