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Persevering through a challenge – learning at the Shelburne Craft School

This Thursday afternoon I was excited to find thirty of our 8th graders deeply engaged in learning some new skills at the Shelburne Craft School.  Originally developed in part to serve as the arts program for Shelburne Community School – our continued use of the Craft School as part of our 8th grade Arts and Citizenship program builds on the fifty year old relationship between our institutions.   Here are a few pictures of what I saw as I walked through yesterday –

At the Craft School we intentionally ask students to choose a project in an area they have never tried – a project that will provide them with ample opportunities to work through roadblocks and expand their ability to persevere.   Perhaps some will discover a love for this craft that blossoms into a lifetime hobby or perhaps even a career – but more important is that they gain more self-confidence in their ability to tackle a new challenge and to learn something outside of their usual experience and comfort zone.

If you’d like to see the beautiful outcomes of this work – we would love to have you mark your calendars for Thursday Dec 1 from 5 – 7 PM,  when the work of these young artisans will be displayed in a public gallery night at the Craft School.  It will be a great chance to not only see their excellent work – but also ask them personally about the growth of their perseverance as they worked through the challenges inherent when we push ourselves to learn something new.   We hope you will join us for our celebration!

Allen Miller 

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