Gallery: Neil Berger

Gallery Opening
Paintings by Neil Berger
Neil Berger paints luscious landscapes with quick intuitive brushwork.  Exploring nature through the nuance of oil paint, this body of work creates an emotive sense of environmental space connecting the subject to a feeling of expansive presence. Neil Berger recieved his MFA from Boston University and has been the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships including a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award, an Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, and a Geraldine Dodge Foundation Award.  Berger is a Shelburne resident and painting instructor at The Shelburne Craft School. His work will be on display at The Shelburne Craft School until the end of May.
Artist Statement:

I am committed to study of nature as well as the ‘artificiality’ of art- it’s selection, accentuation, elimination and simplification. Above all I ask if the painting ‘feels’ like what I am looking at. I trust the quick and instinctual over the thought-out. But again, I realize that hours of study lie behind a quick painting. And always my understanding comes far short of the inventiveness and subtlety of nature. And that makes me laugh with wholehearted appreciation. T.S. Eliot echoed my nascent thoughts for the first time. He said, basically- ‘Do not think, you‘re not ready for thought. In the end there is only humility and humility is infinite’. Humility comes from the word for earth. And study of the earth is very grounding, centering and humbling, and the most expansive thing I know.