Summer Workshops

Summer workshops are online now!

During the summer we host many weekly summer classes for our community.  We also have a robust summer workshop series.  We are constantly adding to our summer workshop lineup and you can now see and sign up for our fist offerings.  We are honored to have back the world famous ceramic artist, John Brickels to teach his techniques in making his signature clay structures.  We also welcome back the kind and talented water color artist Joel Popadics, as well as Ayn Baldwin-Riehle.  Robert Carsten will be joining us in the spring and summer this year for his brilliant pastel workshops.  We also welcome Noah Lagle who will host an introduction to relief printmaking.  For woodworking we are holding three options for our Branch-to-Spoon carving workshop, and our Forest-to-Furniture workshop hosted by  our partners at Shelburne Farms is already sold out, but you may be added to a wait list.  We have so much to offer you to live a creative life.  Please keep checking out our website for up-to-date workshops and classes.

PS: Spring classes are online and start in one month, don’t hesitate to sign up, we have limited spots available.

Summer Workshop Series…



WORKSHOP: Exploration in Watercolors
A Tour of Shelburne and Charlotte
Instructor: Joel Popadics
Materials List, Members: $625, Non-Members: $650
(Lunch each day and entrance fees included in tuition)
Come join Watercolor artist, Joel Popadics in beautiful Shelburne, Vermont.  Joel will guide you on a vista hunt around the area, exploring Shelburne Farms, Lake Champlain, Mount Philo State Park, and The Shelburne Ship Yard.  Each day, participants will meet at different locations and Joel will offer the group two brief painting demonstrations. Topics for the demonstrations will vary from painting cows, handling the summer greens, and composing the lake’s reflections.  Following the demonstrations, students will have the opportunity to paint and apply the concepts presented and individual instruction will be provided all day. Participants should plan on making at least two sketches each day. Materials list is provided.  The scenic landscapes of Shelburne will provide the subject and inspiration for your pictures.
Summer 2017: Monday-Friday:  August 7-11, 9am-4pm
Register Here


Workshop: Pastels with Robert Carsten
Instructor: Robert Carsten, PSA-mp, IAPS-mc, CPS
Explore the excitement of bold color with pastel and dramatic landscapes. Working from sketches or photos, students will learn to experiment with concepts of color, design, and pastel techniques through hands on demonstrations and a variety of instructor guided approaches. Critique, at-easel assistance, and lots of painting time will make this an educational and enjoyable painting experience. All levels are welcome from beginner through advanced. Materials list provided.

Spring 2017: 1 Day, Saturday, 10:00am- 4:30pmMay 13Register Here
Materials: List, Members: $90, Non-Members: $100
Summer 2017: 2 Days, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am-4:30pm,
August 12-August 13Register Here
Materials: List, Members: $180, Non-Members: $200



Workshop: Introduction to Relief Printmaking
Instructor: Noah Lagle
Materials: $55 Non-Members:$90, Members:$100
Come home with a lovely set of carving tools and an edition of test and final prints made from your own carved wood and linoleum blocks.  In this introductory workshop learn about printmaking and design and how to make relief prints. Learn about techniques in carving, color mixing, block inking, paper selection, image registration, hand printing, and editioning.

SUMMER 2017: 1 day, Saturday,10:00am-4:00pm,
June 17- Register Here




Workshop: Watercolors with Ayn Riehle

Instructor: Ayn Baldwin-Riehle
Materials:List, Members: $90, Non-Members: $100
Explore the best uses of photographic reference materials to create fine detail in watercolor.  Learn ways to keep vitality, memory, and overall composition working effectively in detailed work, and how to avoid the pitfalls of using photographs!  The goal is to bring greater depth and richness to your work.  Some experience in drawing and painting is necessary.
SUMMER 2017: 1 day, Saturday,10:00am-4:00pm, July 15 – Register Here




2015-03-17 12.41.56WORKSHOP: Blacksmith
Instructor: Bob Wetzel
Materials: $35, Members: $182, Non-Members:$200
Using a forge, students will learn basic black smith techniques such as building and maintaining a fire, hammer control, and more. Students will create hooks, pokers and small leaves during this two-day workshop. Materials included. Please bring sack lunch.

Spring 2017: Two-day workshop,
Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am-4:00pm,
May 27-May 28- Register Here


Forest to Furniture with Shelburne Farms
Instructors: Chris Ramos, Shelburne Craft School Wood Shop Manager and Marshall Webb, Woodlands Manager, Shelburne Farms

Shelburne Farms is home to 400 acres of northern hardwood stands and softwood plantations of pine and spruce. Throughout the year, we cultivate our community knowledge of environmental forestry, including this class designed to give you the chance bring a piece of the Farm home.

Throughout the weekend, you’ll build a rustic table or bench out of a piece of wood from a tree grown on the Farm. Begin your experience by exploring and learning about the source of your table — the Shelburne Farms forest. Select your wood and learn how to craft it into a personalized table or bench for your home. Lessons will cover handtools, power tools, and the uses of oil and water-based finishes. Prior woodworking experience is helpful, but not necessary.

Summer 2017, 2 days, Saturday 9 AM – 6:30 PM, Sunday 9 AM – 5 PM, June 10-June 11
SOLD OUT, Click HERE to be added to the wait list


Branch to Spoon: at Rokeby Museum or The Shelburne Craft School
Instructor: Robert Palmer
Cost: $100 plus $60 Hand tool cost *you will keep the hand tools
Come join us for a day of spoon carving on our campus or at the Rokeby Museum (see workshop for location).  We will carve spoons from locally sourced green wood using hand tools and traditional Swedish carving methods. We will begin by identifying appropriate species for carving spoons and other utensils. Once identified we will look for the bend in the branch that fits the type of spoon we wish to make (eating, serving, cooking), adhering to the adage “form/function follows fibers”. From there we will split the branch in half, and after discussing the anatomy of a spoon, draw the desired shape. Then the carving begins!  Using straight and crooked knives, we will coax the spoon from the branch one slice at a time until the desired shape has appeared. We will discuss how to safely and effectively use a variety of tools such as carving knives, crooked knives, gouges, coping saws and hatchets. Carving a spoon from a branch is a meditation on form and function and you will leave with a beautiful object that you will cherish for years to come. Once you have used your hand carved spoon you will want to carve every utensil in the kitchen.
Summer 2017: Rokeby Museum, 1 day, Saturday, 10:00am-4:00pm, June 3 SOLD OUT
Summer 2017: Shelburne Craft School, 1 day, Saturday, 10:00am-4:00pm, August 26 – Register Here