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School Field Trips and Extra Curricular Group Lessons

Enrich your students experience with hands on crafting in Clay, Woodworking, Stained Glass, Metals, and Visual Arts with a Field Trip to The Shelburne Craft School!

Each Field Trip Project is designed to contribute to your school’s arts programming and caters to a wide range of grade school and high school level enrichment learning. 

Each Field Trip will included a hand on project and the option for a 30 min. snack break before or after.  Projects are designed by age range and prices listed are per child, 6 student minimum-20 student max, or unless otherwise noted.

* if you are wanting to schedule something for a smaller group, please call the office for rates: 802-985-3648

School Field Trip Project Ideas:

Please see the list below for descriptions of the field trip options to choose from. Then, go to our online Form to fill out an application and schedule a date and time.

School Field Trips are scheduled based on classroom availability.

Clay: Available on Monday Mornings or Fridays 12-2

Clay projects will be ready within 4 weeks of completion.

sdi-soup-bowlClay Hand Building: ages 6+, 1 hour $10/child, max 20 students
Learn how to build a beautiful functional object in clay.  Use our mason stains to add some color to your project and then have it fired in our electric kiln.  This class is perfect for learning how to explore the clay medium and caters to all levels of learning.  Choose your project:

Maple Syrup Pitcher
Bowl and Spoon
Festive Mask
Turtle bowl

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Clay Wheel: ages 10+, max 8 students, 3 sessions, 2 hours, $65/child includes materials


Throw Clay on the Wheel! Learn how to center and trim a beautiful functional object in the single class, with the final piece being dipped in a clear glaze.  Or sign up for the three two hour sessions and learn how to also glaze a beautiful functional piece of pottery.  Your pieces will be fired in our electric kiln.

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Rakuprimitive-firing Firing: ages 6+, 2 hours, $25/child includes all materials, max 20 students
*must be booked two months in advance*

We supply you with the clay and 3 raku glazes to take back to your classroom for your hands on instruction.  Choose to bisque fire your pieces in your school kiln, or for $5/piece with our kiln. Glaze goes on after bisque firing.  Then join us at The Shelburne Craft School for a two hour hands on lesson in Raku Firing- an ancient alternative Japanese firing technique. Pieces are take home ready.

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Wood: Availability- email to schedule times

design-it-build-it-light-it-upWood Shop: ages 10+, 3 hours, $35/child includes all materials, max 10 students
Learn how to carve, sand, and build out of wood!  This hands-on class teaches students about the properties of wood, how to use tools, safety, and teaches them the joys of making something to take home and put to good use!  Choose your project:

Bird houses
Carved Chopsticks
Spreading Utensil
Small Cutting Board

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Stained Glass: Available on Wednesday 9-12 and Monday 12-3

File May 17, 3 12 14 PMStained Glass: ages 10+, 3 hours, $35/child, includes materials, max 8 students
Learn how to select glass, cut glass, use a grinder, copper foil and solder your very own stained glass project.  Students learn about tools, safety, and designing a beautiful hand crafted colored glass hanging. Choose your project:

Small Leaf Hanging
Little Hanging Window

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2012-03-09 16.03.28Glass Mosaic: ages 10+, 3 hours, two days, $35/child, includes materials, max 20 students
Learn how to design a mosaic by selecting glass, cutting glass, using the grinders and grouting your finished framed pieces.   The first day is 2 hours for composing and making your design, the second day is 1 hour for grouting and finishing your piece. Ready for take home after the second class.

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Jewelry: Available on Wednesday Mornings and Mondays 12-2

metal-glass-basics-and-beyond-in-jewelry-designJewelry: ages 10+, 2 hours, $25/child, includes materials, max 8 students
Learn how to safely use the metals workshop and jewelry making tools.  Students will use saws, torches, solder, and brass to make one of a kind charms, pendants or keychains. Choose your project:

3d Tree or Animal

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Visual Arts: Available on Monday 10-12 Tues 10-12

2014-12-02 10.47.54-2Traditional Oil Painting: ages 12+, 2 hours, $25/child, includes canvases and all materials, max 20 students
Using water based oil paints, learn traditional painting and drawing techniques, how to mix your own colors, how to prepare an under painting and how to use oil paint to explore a range of painting styles.  Choose your project:

Still Life

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