The open and airy Bunkhouse is home to the Visual Art Studio. Students in Visual Arts classes and workshops have available to them easels, tables, lights, chairs, and a model stand. A HEPA air filter is part of the ventilation system.

Shelburne Craft School Oil Painting Policy: We have developed classes to work with traditional oil painters as well as water base oil painters.  The Shelburne Craft Schools is dedicated to teaching traditional oil painting and are very aware of the health concerns around solvents and other toxic materials that can be found in artist material, and strive to operate a safe studio environment while continuing to teach the classics. We are a NON-SOLVENT studio.

Adult: Drawing
Instructor: Misoo Filan
8 Classes, Materials List, Members: $236, Non-Members: $258
Learn the fundamental skills of observational drawing.  Explore the technical and conceptual foundation of drawing using a variety of drawing materials such as graphite, charcoal, pen and ink. Develop personal goals while examining creative concepts through demonstrations including drawing from a model in the final class. Materials not included.

SUMMER: Mondays, 6:00pm-8:00pm,
July 10-August 28
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Adult: Intro to En Plein Air
Instructor: Clark Derbes
8 Classes, Materials: no fee, Members: $226, Non-Members: $248
Practice the traditional fair weather art of painting outside.  Learn the basics of open air landscape painting from how and where to set up your easel, to selecting your palate, to how to capture changing light.  This is an intro level class, but all ability levels are welcome. The atmosphere is supportive and respectful and ideal for those who like to be outdoors.  If the weather gets the best of us, we have a classroom reserved. Locations are posted online before each session begins. All mediums welcome.

SUMMER:Tuesdays, 6:00pm-8:00pm,
July 11-August 29
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ADULT: Painting in Oil

Instructor: Brooke Monte
8 Classes, Materials List, Members: $ 226, Non-Members: $248
Develop confidence in composition, color, layering and mixing using oil paint. Designed for beginners, students will use still life set-ups to explore techniques ranging from layout and surface preparation, to a variety of brush work including wet into wet, scrubs, and glazing. Materials not included.

*Painting in Oil will resume in the Fall

Adult: Intermediate Oil Painting
Instructor: Dana Heffern
8 Classes, Materials List, Members: $226, Non-Members: $248
This course is perfect for those looking to build on their basic knowledge of oil painting. Techniques will be learned through theory and practice. Subject matter may include still life, drapery, landscape, and the human figure. Glazing, wet on wet, impasto, pigment properties, under painting, composition rules, shadow theory, brush handling and color-mixing skills will be topics of investigation. You will have room to experiment with various mediums- from cold wax, walnut oil, and linseed oil, which will affect dry times, texture, and finish. Demonstrations will be provided for each class. Water based or traditional oil paints welcome. Walnut and Linseed oil will be used as our base mediums, although others will be studied.

Resumes in Fall 2017

ADULT: Advanced Oil Painting- Morning 

Instructor: Sage Tucker-Ketcham
Gain professional direction with advanced oil painting techniques, discussions, and critiques. Explore style development while completing a series of work. Examine color value, modeling form, handling edges, finishing details and challenge yourself to see a work through to completion. Learn through group demonstrations, brief critiques, and one on one consultation. Previous experience in oil painting is necessary to attend this course.

*This class is designed to help traditional oil painters develop their work while not using solvents and explore the best health practices as they also develop as professional artist, water base oil painters explore water base oils to operate more like traditional oils.

SPRING 2017: 10 weeks, Thursdays, 9:30am-12:00pm,
April 6-June 15, no class April 27  SOLD OUT

*Advance Oil will resume in the Fall

ADULT: Introduction to Acrylics
Instructor: Misoo Filan
Materials List, Members: $226, Non-Members: $248
Learn fundamental acrylic painting techniques including color-mixing, paint and brush handling, composition, form and value. This course is perfect for a beginner painter and someone who would enjoy water soluble paint medium. Some of the topics we will cover are, still life, landscape, portrait, and old master’s reproduction.

SUMMER 2017: 8 weeks, Thursdays, 6:00pm-8:00pm,
July 13-August 31
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Color Theory
Instructor: Dana Heffern
8 Classes, Materials List and Book ($84.64), Members: $226, Non-Members: $248
Explore advanced color theory using Munsill’s Color Theory Workbook. Gain an understanding of ambience, atmosphere, clash, vibration, and other color perceptions through guided experiments and lively class discussions. Then develop your own style with how color can create environment, mood and a sense of aesthetics. This Class requires a text book.

*Color Theory will resume in the Fall

WORKSHOP: Exploration in Watercolors
A Tour of Shelburne and Charlotte
Instructor: Joel Popadics
Materials List, Members: $625, Non-Members: $650
(Lunch each day and entrance fees included in tuition)
Come join Watercolor artist, Joel Popadics in beautiful Shelburne, Vermont.  Joel will guide you on a vista hunt around the area, exploring Shelburne Farms, Lake Champlain, Mount Philo State Park, and The Shelburne Ship Yard.  Each day, participants will meet at different locations and Joel will offer the group two brief painting demonstrations. Topics for the demonstrations will vary from painting cows, handling the summer greens, and composing the lake’s reflections.  Following the demonstrations, students will have the opportunity to paint and apply the concepts presented and individual instruction will be provided all day. Participants should plan on making at least two sketches each day. Materials list is provided.  The scenic landscapes of Shelburne will provide the subject and inspiration for your pictures.

Summer 2017: Monday-Friday:  August 7-11, 9am-4pm
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Workshop: Pastels with Robert Carsten
Instructor: Robert Carsten, PSA-mp, IAPS-mc, CPS
Explore the excitement of bold color with pastel and dramatic landscapes. Working from sketches or photos, students will learn to experiment with concepts of color, design, and pastel techniques through hands on demonstrations and a variety of instructor guided approaches. Critique, at-easel assistance, and lots of painting time will make this an educational and enjoyable painting experience. All levels are welcome from beginner through advanced. Materials list provided.

Summer 2017: 2 Days, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am-4:30pm,
August 12-August 13
Materials: List, Members: $180, Non-Members: $200
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Workshop: Watercolors with Ayn Baldwin-Riehle
Instructor: Ayn Baldwin-Riehle
Materials List,
Members: $90, Non-Members: $100
Explore the best uses of photographic reference materials to create fine detail in watercolor.  Learn ways to keep vitality, memory, and overall composition working effectively in detailed work, and how to avoid the pitfalls of using photographs!  The goal is to bring greater depth and richness to your work.  Some experience in drawing and painting is necessary.
SUMMER 2017: 1 day, Saturday,10:00am-4:00pm,
July 15
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Cancellation Policy

All classes must be paid for one week before the beginning of class. Refunds are given one week prior to class, 20% is non-refundable. No refunds for classes you miss during a session. We will not prorate the cost of a class for classes missed. For workshops, you must cancel one week prior to class for a refund (minus the 20%). A full refund will be given if we cancel a class due to low enrollment.

Winter Cancellation Policy: We follow the Shelburne Community School closing for adult day and after school classes, and office closing  CLICK HERE for up-to-date info.  If you are enrolled in a evening adult class or weekend workshop your instructor or a staff member will be in touch.  We will also post on our Facebook page.


Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are a wonderful way of sharing the joy of making with someone. Gift certificates can be purchased in any amounts.  Great for classes, summer camps, the gallery and more. CLICK HERE to purchase online.

Interested in setting up a private group?  please fill out the on-line request form, HERE.  We will be in contact within 3 days or sooner.