Community Renter Program

The renter program is a great way for craft students and experienced community members to access our fully equipped woodworking shop to work on their independent projects.  We offer two levels of renter access:

Orientation: $40 

Standard Renters: $125/month

Tuesday and Friday evenings, 5p-9p

Saturday and Sunday, 9a-9p

Please contact the office 985-3648, or email Chris, wood shop manager ( with any questions about joining.

Renter Plus: $175/month

Tuesday and Friday evening, 5p-9p

Saturday and Sunday, 9a-9p

Including one weekday 9a-5p (this is a set day that is agreed upon with manager)

  • Use of all equipment
  • Professional quality machinery
  • Community hand tools
  • Lumber and project storage
  • Key-code access
  • Scheduled monitoring and assistance

Woodworker-in-Residence Position Description:


Program Costs: $300 a month
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and most nights and weekends when there are not classes.  Residents have a separate space and working area.

Program Goals:

The Woodworker-in-Residence Program provides an incubating environment for emerging woodworkers with the goal of beginning their own woodworking business. By providing affordable shop access, the program provides participants an opportunity to develop their portfolio, client base, and business model.

Applicant Qualifications:

Qualified applicants will be required to demonstrate experience or achievement in the woodworking field. Training at a certified school or in a formal apprenticeship is encouraged, though not required. Qualified applicants will also be required to demonstrate the interpersonal skills to successfully teach classes, publicly represent the program, and work alongside other program participants, along with an entrepreneurial potential to successfully develop a business following the completion of the program. Applicants will be required to submit an application, along with a portfolio of their work.

Tools On Hand:

Chop Saws

Table Saws


20 inch thickness Planner


Drill Press

Band Saws

Belt Sander


Hand Sanders

Metal Chop Saw

Large Selection of Hand Tools

Dust Collection

Finish Room


Sharpening Stones

Various Jigs

Please contact the office 985-3648, or email Chris, wood shop manager ( to request an application.